Monday, January 7, 2013

Slow Blogging, Bloggin Break?

 Silvana Mangano

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During my holidays I had some time to think about my blog. I would like to buy myself a really good camera (any suggestions are welcome), do some photography, some little stories about my beautiful and stylish friends, I'd love to learn do edit my photos, well, well.... so many thing's I'd love to improve on my blog......

But my life is so filled up with work at the moment, that I hardly find the time to do my beloved style collages. My kids have the absolute priority and they deserve the best of me. So I have to say goodby to blogging for a while, maybe I will find the time to post once in a while, but it will be very slowly....

So, fashionfriends, good bye for now, hope to be back with fresh energy soon!

This beautiful woman in the picture above is Silvana Mangano, the Italian actress that inspired me lately and she also inspired someone else...... Silvana.... does that ring a bell? Maybe when I say Fendi?

Yes, Fendi Silvana bag, oh, how I love this bag, you can see my favorites here

xxx Gabrielle

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