Saturday, January 12, 2013

Giovanna Battaglia and Caroline Issa

via: richesforrags.tumblr

Love this!


Giovanna Battaglia and Caroline Issa are two woman that inspire me a lot! I love the elegance of Giovanna and how Caroline creates colorful joyful outfits. What I definitely need for spring is a pair of yellow pants! Although I always think that yellow goes better with woman with dark hair, I'm blond and I can't wear all shades of yellow.

I love how Giovanna wears those fantastic yellow pants with a light blue shirt, love this color combination, like the sky and the sun. The thing with tumblr..... the source of the pictures gets lost.... I tried to find out who actually shot Giovanna, no chance..... does anyone know?

With the second picture it's clear who shot it, clever Candice! When I first saw Caroline in that picture, my jaw dropped, wow! Yellow and blue a power combination.

Usually I wear more darker colors during winter, but once in a while I need some color or I go for a winter white outfit. You can see more of Giovanna and Caroline here.

How about you? What are your favorite colors right now?

xxx Gabrielle

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