Tuesday, October 9, 2012



The other day I found out that j crew is delivering to Switzerland! Hurray, happy me! And they do that for free until the end of December this year (free worldwide delivery and free returns). Above you can see my wishlist. Trousers and tops are by j crew, also the burgundy bag to the right. I already have two pairs of j crew pants and I'm very happy with them.

The shoes are by church's. I'm so into brogues right now, found a quite good pair of vintage ones lately on etsy, but one of my planned investments for the near future are some church's brogues or boots. 

And I hope to be able to make myself a really big Christmas present this year, my dream bag since a long long time..... the PS11 from Proenza Schouler. Sometimes I almost change my mind, because there is such a big hype around this bag, but it is just perfect in every aspect.

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