Friday, October 26, 2012

First Snow

first snow

Tomorrow we are going to get our first snow here in Switzerland, well here were I live, in the mountains it has been snowing already of course.

Snow means for me: warm shoes, no heels, warm beanie, scarf, knit and a really warm jacket and some gloves. And when it snows I prefer to be on the road with a bag that can handle getting wet.

Therefore this Marni tote is perfect, it's a vinyl bag, so you don't have to worry about it getting wet. The boots are from Marc by Marc Jacobs, they are shearling-lined, perfect for cold weather. The knit is from Alexander Wang, I love the happy color, perfect for grey days. The shearling jacket is from Helmut Lang, an all time favorite designer of mine! Scarf from Jimmy Choo and the fun cat-beanie is from Eugenia Kim Felix, love the fun twist of it. The gloves are from Lanvin (quite pricy!) but I love the color!

Well, to be clear here..... the collages I do here are my "dream outfits"..... I actually just own a tiny little part of these clothes, shoes and bags.... but it's all about being creative here, doing these collages is so relaxing, I do that instead of watching tv, cause on tv we don't really get many good things to watch here.... How do you relax?

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