Monday, October 1, 2012

Céline Spring 2013 rtw


"It was about beauty, friendship and journeys."

This is what Phoebe Philo said about her latest collection.

I think the collection is much more relaxed than previous ones. When I first saw these pictures I immediately wanted to wear the looks above. Well, nothing new with that.....happens every time I see the collections from Phoebe Philo for the first time. But this time this "chic cosiness" really speaks to me!

The Céline woman now is not only chic, she is also very relaxed and comfortable in her clothes and her shoes. I mean the shoes! The shoes! The epitome of cosiness!

Imagine wearing those furry shoes! How cosy must they be! Fashion should not only be about "the look" it should also be about how you feel wearing the clothes and the shoes.

Flats are having a big comeback anyway, I saw so many of them in the latest collections and now with Céline showing Birkenstock- like furry sandals I think the "age of cosiness" has begun! And I must say I'm very happy about that!

What do you think? Do you like the furry shoes?

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