Thursday, September 19, 2013

New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 Favorites Part II

3.1 Phillip Lim

Victoria Beckham

Wes Gordon

Derek Lam


Oh well, I'm so behind.... LFW is finished and Milan has begun... and I'm not even finished posting about my New York favorites ;-)  I really do enjoy this time a year so much! I love, love, love to see what the designers create!

Phillip Lim was my absolute favorite collection from New York this season! If I could afford it, I would actually buy his whole collection! Must be my old love for geology ;-)

And I really loved the softer shapes at Victoria Beckham!

Wes Gordon was not so much on my radar, but he surely will be in future! I loved his feminine shapes and the texture play!

And last, but not least.... Derek Lam is and will be a favorite in future, I'm sure of that!

What were your New York favorites?

xxx Gabrielle


  1. I love how excited you obviously are, I get like that around this time of year too. Not just because of the shows, but also the massive influx of streetstyle inspiration. Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein and 3.1 were my NY faves, I think!

  2. Love the selection of looks you picked out. Victoria Beckham was definitely one of my favourites. xx