Monday, September 23, 2013

Marni Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014


Wow! I'm such a Marni fan! The softer shapes and romantic details mixed with sporty elements and the typical Marni prints and accessories... a dream! Those high waist, wide leg pants, worn with a sporty belt and platform sandals are designed for me, it's so very much "me", I will copy that asap :-)

For me Marni bags and shoes are among the most beautiful ones! I own a pair of black leather Marni platform sandals and I'm in love with them! And I think my next bag purchase will definitely be a Marni bag! I love how Marni can combine playfulness and simplicity, two things you would not think can come together, but Marni can combine those two like no other fashion house!

Do you love Marni? Are you a Marni woman?

xxx Gabrielle


  1. Aw thank you! That makes me so happy, I love it when that happens too!
    And yes, if I could afford it, most of my shoes, bags and jewellery would be Marni!

  2. Gahhhh!! I L-O-V-E this collection. It is so good. The shoes... oh, I love the shoes. xx

  3. this collection is so far the best of Marni with all the details.. rubber sole shoes, ruffles, fabric, pleats and embroideris