Monday, November 26, 2012

Current Favorites


Loving my Spektre sunglasses and my new cashmere plaid scarf from Codello I bought at Globus the other day. 

 The cashmere scarf comes in beige, grey and red and I'm so happy with the red one, the color red really makes my skin glow! Quite convenient these days ;-)

The cashmere scarf is available at Globus for all you "Swissies". At the online store from Codello you find a similar style here, it's not cashmere though.

Zara also has a plaid scarf here.

Wishing you all a pleasant Monday!


  1. They are fabolous! xx

    - Victoria

  2. Hi, i love the Globus collection too. Follow Globus on Facebook & Twitter to be updated with their latest offerings.