Sunday, March 31, 2013

Perfect Silhouette

Perfect Silhouette !
Clemence Poesy

Via: Pinterest

These are two of the pictures i pinned lately and I fell in love with the perfect silhouette of those two outfits. It's not exactly new, it's one of those classics that I always find my way back to.... wide leg pants and heels, more casual with a t shirt or like Clemence Poesy with a perfectly fitted silk shirt. So simple and even if you are not the tallest lady, this look will give you endless legs ;-)

Hope you all are with your loved ones and eat plenty of chocolate, yum! I'm officially a chocolate addict.... did you know, that my husband is actually hiding the chocolate from me?! Really, no joke, if he doesn't, it's gone in a second!

Happy Easter!

xxx Gabrielle

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  1. Great post, I love that style of pants, I have one similar in the closet as well. i bought them 8 years ago and they always look great