Thursday, January 30, 2014

Guest Room and Office

Guest Room

Mario Custom Convertible Sleeper Sofa Desmond Pink, Vitra Eames Stool, Vitra Compas direction by Jean Prouve, Vitra DSR Chair by Charles and Ray Eames, Teton Accent Table, Pip Studio Chinese Rose Milk Mug, Mercury Glass Honeysuckle Candle, Copper Shade Tom Dixon Pendant, Faux fur Throw (similar here), Threshold Dexorative Peony Pillow, Aesop Handwash and Cream, Ferm Living Organic Bath Towls

We moved to our new house a while ago, but the process of decorating is still not finished. I actually like it, when it's slow, I have to feel a place first and time after time I get new inspiration and ideas. At the moment we are decorating our guest room and office. Having two kids means, this two have to be in one room, but we really can't complain, our guest room is really quite big.

I'm a huge fan of all things from Vitra and the designers Charles and Ray Eames and I fullfilled myself a dream by buying the Eames lounge chair a while ago, ahhh.... it's such a pleasure and I really can imagine myself as a 80 something year old granny sitting in that dream chair! And the best part is, that I can pass it down to my kids as one of THE design classics. By then it will have some patina and be even more beautiful than now.

The pink sofa you can stretch to a bed, which is very convinient! And it's pink! ;-)

xxx Gabrielle

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pink Mood

Pink Mood

Miu Miu Polka-dot jacquard coat, Dear Cashmere Round-Neck Cashmere Sweater, Marni Pink Pants, Fendi 2 Jours Mini Monster Bag, Acne Pink Sunglasses, Chloé Color Block Pump, True Grace Classic Candle Pink, Pink lipgloss Chanel, Chloé Abby Ring

Weird things are happening to me! I really seem to be obsessed with Pink! Where does that come frome? Why on earth do I crave pink so badly? Well, all my friends would tell you, that "Gabrielle and Pink" is not going to be seen, but lately they understand that I'm living in a little pink cloud :-)

I'm even looking for a pink coat now and just a couple of weeks ago I still thought, that a pink coat makes me look like barbie.... and now, no for sure not! I'm not Barbie anyway and I want to live in this pink cloud for a while!

Pink makes me happy, pink makes my skin look good, my daughters love their pink mummy and even my hubby has a thing for my pinkish mood, hahaha :-)

I think pink makes us think of sweets, of cute little babys that never scream and always smile at you, it makes you think of ice cream, of spring and summerflowers, it makes me think of Carry from Sex&the City, it makes me think of pink Champagne and the fun times with my girl friends, it makes me want a cupcake with pink sugar icing and most of all it just makes this sometimes grey world a little more soft and ..... well pink!

To a pink 2014!!!

big hug Gabrielle