Sunday, November 18, 2012

For my little angel

The last couple of days have been very stressful. I was in hospital with my youngest daughter for the last 10 days. She was really ill, had very high fever and they treated her as a Kawasaki Syndrome, which basically is a inflammation of the vessels. She had fever over 40 degrees C for over 8 days, it was a nightmare! Being a doctor myself didn't really help to calm me down. When you know too much it's not so good....

We are home again and she is almost back to her normal self, but somehow I'm not the same person anymore. I can't go straight back to posting about fashion, somehow fashion is not on my mind, all my thoughts are about my daughters and the really important things in life, like Love, family, friendship. Life can be over in a blink and we should really live like it could be over any time! The love for my daughters and my husband is the most powerful feeling and coming just a little close to the horror of loosing one of my angels has changed me deep inside.

I will be back to posting soon about fashion but for now I simply can't.... here are some words I wrote for my daughter a while ago. The picture of her is from last summer during our holidays in the South of France.

You were written in the stars
With every inch of my soul I'm in Love
You are my little angel
I love you more than the most beautiful
words can ever tell you
I will be there for you when you need me
I will let you go when you want me to
I love you to the moon and back
a million times and more

It's how you lay your little hand on my shoulder
It's how you touch my face and smile at me
Its how you do your little sweet sounds when waking up next to me
It's how you move your hands when your excited
It's how you do your special sound while exploring things thoroughly
Its how you lay your head on my shoulder and hold tight to me when your tired
It's how you talk your sweet sounds now while I write this
It's how your eyes twinkle like the little star when you look at me
It's how you smile at me and the world
It's everything about you
I love you to the sun and back a million times and more

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