Friday, November 2, 2012

Blogger Style

Garance Doré inspired

By now you might have noticed, that I adore Garance Doré. I love her style and her blog a lot.

Some days ago, I pinned a picture of her, where you can see her multitasking, so cool! Although I think smoking is not very cool, but hey I'm not judging people for that, in France they would say "Vivre et laisser vivre!".... and I'm not allowed to judge anyway, because I used to smoke too, stopped six years ago, yay!

The denim shirt above is from Eddie Bauer, the hat is by Rag&Bone, the shoes and the bag are from Mulberry and the camera is the one Garance is using I think, but I'm not sure....

Does anyone know what camera she uses? I'm trying to find out what camera I should buy..... any tips? What camera are you using?

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