Monday, October 8, 2012

Annabelle Fashion Swap in Zürich

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There is going to be a fashion swap in Zürich, Switzerland next Saturday 13th of October.

For everyone living nearby, here you can read how it works.

I will be there for sure, I already picked the eight pieces I will bring to the swap. It's at a really cool place called Kaufleuten, haven't been there for ages!

Going through my wardrobe made me think about how I spend my money. I have so many things from Zara it's ridiculous..... and you know what? I actually only wear a few of them and always end up wearing my more classic clothes anyway ("classic" also includes casual classics, like jeans and white converse). Don't get me wrong, Zara has a lot to offer, but I should remember to actually do more often what I say in my "about" page (don't follow every fashion trend).

But well, it's so tempting everytime I'm in Zara. The pieces there don't really cost a lot and then I always think: "ah well.... it's just 29.90 CHF".....  But this adds up after time and what for? To give it away in the end..... without even wearing it before doing so...... so silly!

So, what to do?

First I will need to do a massiv closet clean out and then I want to start to invest in more classic pieces that actually survive more than one season and one time of washing them. I want to rebuild my wardrobe with quality pieces, less clothes, more quality!

Yes! That will be my moto for the future: "Less clothes, more quality!" "Quality over Quantity!"

How about you? What do you think about all the High Street Fashion Shops?

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