Friday, June 7, 2013

New Home


Finally I have time to post! Moving to a new house and making sure the normal life with two kids is going on like regular is somehow quite challenging! 

I love, love, love our new house! It's a dream come true! It was the house of my grandparents and I feel very very lucky to live here! 

The house has a huge garden, almost like a little park and we are outside a lot right now! 

And...... I got the ok from my husband to have my pink wall in our bedroom! Yay :-) happy me! It's not pink yet, lot's of things are still in progress, so I'm not actually ready to show you a lot.... but I will do that later. 

My husband built me a walk in wardrobe, actually we used the smallest room in our house to build a wardrobe, well not only for me, it's the wardrobe of our family and I actually have not more space than before. But I love it that way, I wanna size down anyway, my future motto for buying clothes and shoes shall be "Less is more", "buy better quality, but less". 

In the last picture you can see our growing shoe closet, oh, it's so good to have a crafty hubby ;-)

The statue in the garden is from my grandfather, he bought it 1950 and my two little daughters gave him a name now, he's called "Ilia", he's the boy in the family for now.

So, life is calling, hope to be able to show you more soon! Posting might still be a bit slow, but I will definitely not give up my space here, writhing this post here show's me again, that I love to do it and I actually missed my little blog! So I'm happy to be back here!

Wish you all a fantastic weekend! 

xxx Gabrielle

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