Monday, April 15, 2013

Moving House

pink wall

via: pinterest

We will be moving into our new house in two weeks! I'm packing the boxes and try to convince my husband that we really need a pink wall in our new bedroom.... wish me luck ;-)

The picture above is from my pinterest board for interior design, you can have a look here

I can't wait to decorate the house and we will have a big garden that needs some decoration too, I couldn't be happier, I love to decorate and reorganize things and moving to a new house in spring is really the best season to do so!

I will be back posting in Mai, wish you all a beautiful and warm and sunny spring!

xxx Gabrielle


  1. Ooo, I hope your move went well. Good luck if you are still in the middle of unpacking and decorating. I love seeing interior design inspiration. This shot is gorgeous.

    p.s. did you get your pink wall? xx

  2. Gabrielle, I hope you have your pink wall already! Just discovered your blog, love it!! Looking forward to seeing pictures from your new place! xx